jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

Hallowen with Henry

The last class with Henry was great!

He told us about Halloween.We learned a lot!

Origin: Hallowen was born in Ireland but people says it was born in U.S.A because one million Irish migrated to U.S.A. in the 19th century.

We got surprised about its origin,  it has Celtic origin, it comes from the Celtic holiday of Samhaic. Later,the church converted it in All Hallows day which means All Saints.

Then we talked about Halloween's costumes. Children go to the house dressing up as Dracula, ghosts... the adults dress up as Spiderman, Batman, Superman...

They have some typical games of there. They make a party with friends and family. In his town,  there is a legend,  it says that in the night of 31 October if you don't pour Holly water in your potatoes crop fields,  the dead people pick up the potatoes and put eggs there. In his town there is a castle and another legend says that the owner of the castle  buried a treasure before he was killed.

We are glad they enjoy their parties but we have another one: All Saints!!

Por Antonio Ángel Aragón.

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